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The world of fashion isn’t limited to just designers and fashion students. Thanks to the ease of access to collections all over the world, even a novice comes across jargons that are widely used in Fashion world. There have been times when I read the description of a dress saying beautiful Chambray dress ideal for summer afternoon and I headed straight to Google to find out what actually Chambray is! 😛

Therefore to make your life easier here’s a post dedicated to prints and textures that will help you understand your clothes better. I am no fashion expert but I love shopping and experimenting with fabrics, so these are some of the prints and patterns that I learnt while exploring the things I love:

  • Aztec

    Aztec prints are tribal prints that originated from certain ethnic groups of central Mexico. A combination of stripes, polka dots and chevron arranged in different geometric patterns form Aztec print. You will find this print in pretty much everything.. leggings , bikini, phone covers , bags , loafers, cushion covers etc.

    Pair an Aztec print piece with any solid color and off you go! The geometric pattern and the combination of bright and vivid colours can definitely brighten up a dull day 🙂

    Camo Tshirt

  • Chambray

    A simple cotton fabric is formed by criss cross weaving of 2 threads. Chambray is a plain weave fabric woven with a colored yarn and a white yarn.The presence of a white weft adds to the texture of this fabric and makes it lighter and airier. Chambray is the perfect summer fabric for men and women.

  • Ombre

    Ombre is the French term for ‘Shaded’ which refers to color fading from dark to light, or vice versa. Ombre hair trend became quite popular sometime back, and ombre dresses look super chic and casual.

  • Chevron

    Chevron is nothing but the classic print called zig zag that we have been wearing since childhood in one form or another. There is no limit to ways you can style this versatile print: a black and white chevron for formals or a multi colored sweater for the wild child in you.

  • Ghingham

    Ghingham is a lightweight plain-woven cotton cloth, typically checked in white and a bold colour. This is another classic print that has been around since years. I have written a post that talks about only Ghingham trend and how you can style it. Do check it out here .

  • Houndstooth

    Houndstooth is a large check pattern with notched corners suggestive of a canine tooth, typically used in fabric for jackets and suits. It was originally worn as an outer garment of woven wool cloth by shepherds and is still popular to this day in coats, skirts and trousers.

I know that’s not all of the fashion encyclopedia but I hope it helps you a little the next time you spot one of those patterns somewhere 🙂

Adding a picture collage of all the prints I just spoke about, for your quick reference. Also let me know if you liked the idea, I can maybe write another post about few more interesting terms from fashion glossary. 🙂

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