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The undisputed top trend this year has been Gingham print which is literally everywhere from Runways to Pinterest! In case you are wondering, no it has got nothing to do with the viral song Gangnam Style by PSY 😀 . Gingham means a print that can be identified by the checked patterns of White and any bold color. Few years back, Gingham was ideal for cute kids’ dresses and summery table clothes but now it’s the print of choice of every fashion house.

So here are a few Gingham looks to shop and style for yourself:

  • The Vintage Girl

    Gingham has been a part of women’s closet since many many years and so are the Ruffles . A combination of these two is definitely an evergreen piece!

  • Gingham Dress

    Gingham Dress is your solution for chic look on a hot summer afternoon. Pair it with sneakers and rock this trend!

  • Jumpsuit

    Gingham is not restricted to just pretty tops and dresses, try a jumpsuit and stand out!

  • Formals

    Whoever said Formals are boring, never experimented with introducing Ghingham shirt to their wardrobe.

    A simple Gingham shirt worn with your favorite pair of jeans turns out to be a great casual outfit as well.

  • Frilly and Flirty

    If you thought Gingham is all about old school elegant charm, you must try this One Shoulder Bardot top and surprise yourself

  • Threads and patches

    We still haven’t got over the trend of patches and embroidery, add those to your Gingham shirt and the masterpiece is ready

Get your Gingham today! Happy shopping 🙂

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