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As much as we love makeup, we hate the process of getting it off. For a healthy skin, removing makeup is a crucial step that we sometimes tend to skip. Keeping your make up on, provides a breeding ground for bacteria which leads to acne. Therefore you must use makeup remover before going to bed unless you want an uninvited pimple the next morning and an aged face in the long run.

I have been using lots of Matte and liquid lipsticks lately that stay on lips for more than 8 hours. Sounds great but what follows is a tedious job of removing the stain from lips and this led me to try my current favorite makeup remover:

  • Maybelline Clean Express Total Clean Make-Up Remover
    It does the job of removing the makeup very well. From stubborn lipsticks to water proof mascara, this remover takes care of everything.

    Amazing Features:

    • Powerful Bi-Phase Formula that removes every tiny bit of makeup without drying your skin
    • Removes waterproof makeup effortlessly
    • It is non greasy and does not leave your skin feeling very oily. At the same time it doesn’t rip your skin off the moisture. Isn’t that a magical formula!! 😀
    • Its suits all the skin types. From my personal experiences, it has worked very well for my sensitive skin, especially eyes
    • You don’t need to drench the cotton pad with the remover coz little goes a long way. I just add a few drops of it and my makeup remover wipe is ready.
    • Priced at Rs 240, this make up remover is worth every penny
    • The little bottle is extremely travel friendly as it is a plastic container with screw cap guaranteeing No spillage

    Important Tips:

    • Do not rub it over your eyes, just let it sit for 5 seconds (10 seconds for stubborn makeup) and gently wipe it off
    • Like all the Bi-Phase makeup removers, it leaves a very thin oily film on your face. You can wash it off with a facewash
    • I use it for removing the base makeup as well on my face and it does wonders!

I absolutely love this makeup remover and will definitely recommend you to try it. I have been using it for almost a year now and it’s almost time to get another bottle! Go ahead give it a try and enjoy hassle free make up removal 🙂

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Reema · 7th August 2017 at 4:31 pm

I loved this article. I was looking for a good make-up remover! Guess I found one! Thanks a lot for sharing! 🙂

Anusha · 7th August 2017 at 8:06 pm

I am glad i could help you.. do give it a try 🙂

Sharon · 24th August 2017 at 10:11 pm

Thank you for the review finally bought one

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